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Canada 150 Still Steamin’ Along

 Honestly we’ve have so much fun this year developing these characters and their material to really get the most of their time out there with guests/public. Each character comes loaded with top-notch creative and best costuming in town. The favourites this year:
1) Vintage Forest Rangers 
Great one-liners, “forest survival lessons” and sight gags – plus gag forest bylaw tickets make these guys top-notch interactive entertainment & outstanding photo ops!
2) Sally Cedar – the lumberjack gal – with very real fake axe that she can twirl. Witty and entertaining stories and interaction.
3) Johnny Canuck & and His Fabulous Roving Game Show: What the Heck Do YOU Know About Canada?
This Roving Canadian-themed game show is getting loads of laughs at events this year. Johnny Canuck has loads of entertaining Canadian trivia question to challenge your guests with -and with his personal sound system with game show sound effect, it’s just that much cooler!
4) Bob & Doug MacKenzie
 These iconic hosers hunkered down in their camping chairs and Coleman stove make perfect emcees – they just emceed Ritchie Bros Corporate Challenge and got a huge response.