Break the Webcam Barrier: A Full Inventory of of Online Fun

Basically everyone I know has complained (or constantly complains) about how excruciatingly awkward it can be to socialize on Zoom. Add to that the fact that in the majority of online events you attend, they EXPECT you to socialize. Everyone can feel how weird it feels to try to connect to someone a 1000 miles away through a webcam that delivers you with a 2-D business card-sized image of someone’s head. Not natural.

If you want your guests to feel a real connection to that 2D webcam feed, you’d better provide the content they need to “suspend their disbelief”, get their imagination fired up, and create the vibe they’ll need.  Our personal and professional life depends on maintaining connections and making new ones. So as the organizer of an online event, you need to find your ringer to break the webcam barrier.

Since early November, I’ve been building and developing new ideas for online event programming almost every day. The only time I haven’t been is because I was performing a show or emceeing (almost 200 events now), shooting/editing pre-recorded video features for events, building new game shows and custom questions or marketing.  I’ve been doing 10-12 hour days almost every day for 4 and a half months. I’m NOT complaining. I absolutely love what I’m doing, and I know my online guests can tell I love what I’m doing. (I guess I should avoid saying my mood is infectious….too soon?)


Here are my favourite products so far:


I’ve definitely binned more ideas than I’ve hunkered down to develop, but the ones I’ve produced are all tried-and true winners – and the list of these is gradually growing. It’s become very clear that the key to a great event is a simple idea that everyone can grab onto right away, a great context that raises the stakes and relevance of the activity, lots of one-liners and fun morning radio-style chat, guest mingle time, and a chance for the guests to get applause. Throw a theme-based hook into it with the right online host and you’ve broken the webcam barrier. It’s pretty obvious when you do.

I’ve seen hundreds of guests laughing, dancing, connecting and basically getting cheered up all over America through their webcams.  It makes me pretty sure this medium will be here long after Covid is gone.

Throw me an email and we can book a short meeting to talk out how and when you can treat your team to a little fun with their colleagues – right in their home.