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A Tribute to Vancouver: “On Location Theme”!

Thank you!  The evening was a great success from our point of view, and the little touches you and your gang of merry mixers brought to the event made the evening so personal and so charming for all of our guests.  We think your approach achieved a perfect balance between mischievous annoyance and comedic revelry and set the night’s festivities on the right path. It was a pleasure to work with you and Nick on crafting the evening as well. ”

-Phil Klapwyk, Organizational Council, BC Creates

We love thinking outside the box to help create one-of-a-kind events. That’s exactly the case for our collaboration with BC Creates’ event to celebrate the vibrant film and TV industry in our province. BC Creates is a voice and champion for creative industries in BC -evergreen economic drivers in our province. So when we got the call to sit down with the talented organizers to come up with an event that reflects BC film and TV, we were pretty excited.

*(Special thanks to Wendy D Photo for sharing her amazing event photos! )

We quickly went from more standard entertainment features like red carpet paparazzi and Hollywood icons to our final concept: turning the reception into an on-location film shoot. Infused with great self-deprecating humour, this tongue-in-cheek interactive entertainment hit big -plus a BIG surprise a little later…

As guests arrived, instead of paparazzi on a red carpet, they were greeted by surly radio and traffic cone-toting Production Assistants in traffic vests. As groups approached they heard, “HOLD! Sorry, we’re shooting. It’ll only take a minute. Hold…and…hold …and clear! Go ahead. Thanks.” In the elevator, another PA pitches his scripts, and at the top they were met by a very Spielberg-ish director. Our intrepid director got huge laughs getting guests to “take 2” on things they just said, or hugs, or a drink order -and then try it again with the directors input. Then on his megaphone, our director got all guests attention to welcome them on set. He explained they were shooting one continuous scene called “Party at the Rosewood” and encouraged guests to act natural, move around a lot and speak to as many people as possible -and don’t forget to drink 🙂 “And….ACTION!” The party begins.


As the guests started settling in and mingling, one of them looked up at the hotel windows flanking the outdoor patio lounge, and suddenly did a double take. Who was in the window? Here’s a hint: what superhero movie shut down the Georgia Street viaduct off and on for months? Got it? no? Ok, what 2016 box office hit featured Ryan Reynolds, our boy from Kitsilano? Yep, you got it. DEADPOOL. So what was he doing in the hotel window?  Drying off after a shower with a towel around his waist. As guests began to point and the buzz began to grow, Deadpool finally notices them and gets very cheeky. As the evening continued, guests had more close encounters with Deadpool in the lounge as he would pop up unexpectedly to flirt, pose for photos and dance with the ladies (and men).

Meanwhile our PA’s were mingling to give guests that “on location” feel and humour. One became  make up/ wardrobe and circulated sharing gossip and touching up hair, lint-brushing clothes and fixing ties. The other PA became the boom operator and put a mic boom over guests to “record” them -getting them to hold from time to time for planes, cars, etc.

Finally during the speeches, Deadpool interrupts for some pre-rehearsed comedy, giving speech time a real burst of energy and comedy! The guests had a blast and the feedback was outstanding. Everyone loves original entertainment and unexpected comedy.


Great working with you, BC Creates!