A Tropical Beach Staycation for Your Team

When was the last time you went on a beach vacation?  Yeah, that’s a raw nerve, isn’t it?  Thank god we can all use our imaginations – and Captain Furling makes sure your entire work team is visualizing this wonderful fantasy at the same time. His yacht has been chartered to take you all to a tropical paradise for a party on the beach:

This 60-90 minute morale boost is packed with vacation themed trivia rounds, a cabana wear competition, the sights and sounds of the beach – and a raft of options to add on, including raffle draws, a salsa dance-off and a tropical drink pit-stop. This gorgeous bit of make-belief is guaranteed to help your crew make it through the month.

We ran this new concept in December and it was a big hit. What a fun little trip. And so good seeing everyone in their vacation outfits!