Adding Interaction to “Rewind 2018” EA Games Bash

Rewind 2018 – EA Sports fabulous bash a few weeks back at Vancouver Convention Centre- kudos to Fireworks Marketing Group for extraordinary event management, taking guests on a trip though time to enjoy the pop highlights of decades past.

In the 1950’s area, our 1950’s Elvis was joined by The Fonz from Happy Days and, of course, the glamorous Marilyn Monroe.

70’s Elvis got the dancing started in the 1970’s zone with his signature “Elvis-at-Madison-Square-Gardens moves – getting big laughs and great social media photos with guests.

The highlight for us was in the 1980’s area. We were so excited to be asked to add Doc Brown and Marty McFly to the Back to the Future display, complete with a real DeLorean!  After building their costumes with exact detail from the “Twin Pines Mall parking lot” scene, we just weren’t quite there. Mike got obsessive about Doc Brown having the remote control for the DeLorean. So we found the exact make and model of the radio transmitter remote Doc Brown used in the movie, then build his LED display gizmo on top with all the wires to really make it look authentic. The pay off was great.

Every guest that lined up to get their pics with Marty and Doc Brown insisted on posing with this awesome prop. Sometimes it’s those little extras that just take things to another level – and bring the guests into the world of the characters.

Great working with you,  Fireworks!


Your team was great — easy to deal with, on time and flexible with what we needed….  Chuck was on the ball, friendly, and on top of his team.”

-Galia Goodwin, Production Team of Fireworks Marketing Group / Loungeworks