All-New Virtual Game Shows for Corporate Zoom Meetings

Sick to death of tedious Zoom meetings? Want to create some levity into otherwise stressful online team meet-ups?


Join pro-event emcee and game show host Mike Cavers as he takes the reigns of your online event. Have select attendees compete as contestants, while the rest of your team sits back, enjoys the entertainment and sends private chat cheats to the contestant of their choice. It’s a no-brainer for injecting energy and focus into online meetings, as a way to reinforce meeting points – or even better, just for pure fun.
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“Mike’s interactive gameshow is a perfect and fun way to entertain
guests virtually. The gameshow is great as a teaser before a virtual
meeting or stand alone fun activity for guests!”
– Darren Dreger, Director of Sales & Events, BC Event Management


“The online game show really added energy and much needed fun to
our Zoom meeting. Great for Morale!”
– Neil Aisenstat President and CEO, Hy’s of Canada


“The Self Isolation Game Show has been the most fun I’ve had (with
my clothes on) since the pandemic started!”
-Brad Merrit, 54-40 Band


“Mike’s Jeopardy game was a gas! It was laugh out loud fun and the
hour flew by way too fast.”
– Paul Bouman, Specialty Sales Consultant, Novartis Canada