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Art Installation Characters — thinking outside the en blanc box

Andi and Dandi pose at the Westin Bayshore
Andi and Dandi pose at the Westin Bayshore

The Character Guys love a creative challenge. So when Westin Bayshore asked us to provide original characters for an en blanc party, we pulled out all the stops.

If you keep an eye on social media, you’ll know that en blanc parties, like the annual and massive Diner en Blanc Vancouver event, are hot tickets. The main rule for en blanc is to find stylish ways to arrive dressed in a brilliant white ensemble. Our challenge was to create a pair of characters that embody the creative en blanc spirit.

Enter Andi and Dandi Warhol.

As comical, pretentious artists, Andi and Dandi brought guests into their absurd “living art” projects for photo-ops and laughs. Live performance art on the dance floor and fast table-to-table entertainment brought the house down with big laughs.

Many thanks go to Cindy Raider of Nat Raider Productions in Montréal for being a forward-thinking event producer craving something different. Andi and Dandi thank you too, with a living art pose that’s much too ephemeral to be captured on camera.