Canada 150 Characters

As Canada Day approaches, we’re getting pretty busy sending out our Canadiana characters to all sorts of Canada-themed events in the GVRD. With our original creative material, these characters are getting big applause wherever they go!

Latest characters include our intrepid vintage BC Forest Rangers, complete with gag forest bylaw violation tickets that get big laughs on Hats Off Day at Burnaby Heights. Our lovely female lumberjack also thrilled guests with her axe-twirling and tall tales. Other amazing Canada-style options:

  • “Ned Flanders-style” sports fisherman
  • Gassy Jack
  • Captain George Vancouver
  • Ski Patrol -representing our amazing ski mountains
  • Hockey Players
  • Calgary Cowgirl
  • East Coast Fishermen

-add to that: Mounties with mini trivia game shows on all things Canadian and lovable voyageur characters with their moose, beaver and bear mascot friends, and you’ve got all the character magic you need to make Canada Day GREAT!