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CFOX Super Bowl Sunday


“If you’re looking to bring some excitement to your next event, then The Character Guys are your guys! Mike and Jesse have helped play the roles of Coach and Ref at our Super Bowl parties and they really are hilarious!  They’re not afraid to get right into character and the reactions from our listeners are priceless. We’ll definitely book them again next year.”

 -Sean Byrne, Promotions Coordinator, The World Famous CFOX // 99.3FM


CFOX asked us to enhance their highly publicized Super Bowl extravaganza, the Jeff O’Neil BIG ASS Football Party last Febuary 7th for the second year in a row. So, whaddaya gonna do?  We brought back our popular characters Coach Shanahanahanahan & Ref Mangina to get the party going!

The coach arrived to “scout for new talent” -amazing what he can get the guys doing to try out for the team! Push ups, calisthenics, impromptu poetry -all with hilarious support from the cheer-leading squad lead by lovely, talented Mercedes, BC Lions cheerleader (an absolute pleasure to work with as always). Meanwhile the ref got big laughs with our Super Bowl Trivia Mini Game Show complete with fantastic prizes and tons of improv comedy fun.

The event was a touch down for CFOX and a real blast for us. See y’all next year!