Character Guys’ “Sponsor Spots”

The great thing about producing your event online is the freedom it gives you for  quick video messages to a captive audience.

Besides our online game shows and emcee at the helm, we now offer our “Sponsor Spots” – awesome 15-30 second SNL-style ads designed to feature your sponsor, and deliver their messaging in a comedy format.  Since their are no overhead costs in producing these, ordering a series of 4-6 original spots is within most budgets. What you’re paying for is is consultation, original; creative and a day of shooting and editing. The simplicity of it is peace of mind:

Step 1:  Online Creative/Brainstorming  meeting with Mike Cavers to settle on messaging and tone.

Step 2:  A rough version of the Sponsor Spot arrives in your inbox.  Order tweaks.

Step 3:  The final version arrives.

Step 4: Add it (or a series) to your online event to break online ice, enhance entertainment value of your event and make your sponsors happy.

Step 5:  Be a hero when you offer your sponsors the ads to use as they want on social media and website.

Check out some recent examples:

Looking forward to hearing from you!