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Feeling the love for stereotypes

Call them stereotypes, call them icons, but nothing beats having those definitive national characters front and center to welcome international guests to your country. Last night (April 25th) Nick, Eric, Matt and I welcomed over 300 guests from around the world to the new Vancouver Convention Centre. Our client asked for Canada. We could have gone Vancouver spoof, like Kits yoga guy or cyclist in spandex with a Starbuck’s cup -but there’s nothing better than the look of satisfaction from international guests when they turn the corner and see two big Mounties decked out in traditional dress uniforms. If you put yourself in their shoes, Mounties have been there in the back of their mind since they arrived at YVR.  And there they are.

2013 table hockeyAnd they’re huggable, lovable, chatty and ready for fantastic photo ops -with our “instant Mountie” tear-away uniforms, the guest can be the newest recruits.  In seconds, they get pics of themselves in uniform with Mounties in their finest regalia.

Then, they continue on into the cocktail area and meet the other half of our iconic team: the hockey players. We decided to go with a Vancouver Canuck and a Toronto Maple Leaf.  These guys are rivals, but are tolerating each other for the gig. They pose for shots with the guests, talk hockey and event get little teams together for an on-the-spot hockey trivia quiz. Add to that a unique and hilarious back-story for each character and the entertainment value is huge.

Experiencing first hand the laughs, excitement and animated conversations from the guests, I can tell you with confidence that Canadian “stereotypes” are the warmest welcome you could possibly want for your special guests!