Jack Frost Invites Guest to Explore Multiple Magic Rooms

I was lucky enough to climb aboard this very creative online event by Carte Blanche Events. Julie Connolly had the vision of hundreds of guests exploring multiple online rooms, discovering magic shows, live bands, a DJ, games and interactive comedy characters – all while they enjoyed top quality meals delivered to their doorstep. The event was incredibly intricate and was a massive success.

Total Entertainment Network’s Al Guraliuk brought on the talented Tracy Bell and her Divas show, the unforgettable Lucy Darling and Wes Baker for their magic shows, Koko Soul and John Gilliat for live music plus DJ Sammy FX.

My job was to shoot and edit a welcome video, create games, concepts and interactive comedy characters for 13 more rooms, cast my actors, rehearse and emcee the event – plus find great actors to play baristas in the “virtual chat cafes”. My clip below is me (AKA Jack Frost) introducing my characters and rooms, edited in with the welcome video. (I’ll leave the other fun stuff for my clients to post). It was a massive job, but the result was real entertainment. Meaning, you’re NOT going to click “leave” to watch Netflix. The potential in this medium is off the charts – and this was one of the gigs that is pointing me in the right direction for what to create in 2021.

BIG thanks to my very talented actors: Barbara Beall, Stephanie Itzak, Stefano Giulianetti, Nic Harrison, Charles Heffernan, Elyse Maloway, Angela Galanapoulos, Troy Terpstra, John Voth, Eric Fell, Daniel Chai, Joanna Gaskell, Megan Heffern, Cindy Jackson and Kyle Fines.