Vampire Vlad & His Chilling Challenge – Online Halloween Made Easy and FUN


Before you trade in your company Halloween costume party for another night of Netflix with your cat, drop us an email.  Mike Cavers can send you a Zoom link to forward to your guests, and you’re in business!  This entertainment feature is also perfect as a daytime morale boost / team builder for your office or colleagues working from home.

Just click on the link, and Vampire Vlad will take it from there.  He’ll greet your guests, break the ice and get them laughing. When the time is right, he’ll divide them into teams to compete in Vampire Vlad’s Chilling Challenge – a fast pace trivia game show that exudes all things Halloween.  It’s fun, funny and absolutely entertaining.  Add prizes and a costume contest for Vlad to judge, and you’ve got a really FUN online Halloween party.


Small groups (6-18):  $400

Medium groups (19-50): $500

Large groups (50-100): $700