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Let’s Make a Deal at River Rock Casino

We made a big splash recently at the River Rock Casino mounting a stage version of the classic game show, LET’S MAKE A DEAL. The casino stage was the perfect place for this show with a great sound system, lighting and club-style tables and chairs option installed instead of rows of seats. We decided it would be waaaaaay more fun to go 1970’s all the way with vintage sound effects and music plus Mike’s authentic 70’s powder-blue safari suit! The casino venue was fitting since this game show is all about gambling and suspense. Should the contestants stick with what they have, or let it all ride on what’s behind the prize curtain. Read on, and discover how this game show is an ideal fit for high-profile trade shows!

This is a fast-paced 30 to 45-minute stage show designed to put a unique spotlight on prizes, products, using the familiar Let’s Make a Deal format as its base -mixed with high-level improv and audience participation. The show is designed to inject energy and laughter into conferences, trade shows and professional gala award nights, adding giving your guests something they will really appreciate -just plain fun!

VALUE-ADDED PROMOTION FOR TRADE SHOWS -Customization makes this version of Let’s Make a Deal incredibly useful to event organizers. When you book Let’s Make a Deal, it comes with a creative meeting, so our writer/director can shape the details of this show to fit your needs. It is the perfect vehicle to highlight featured products and exhibitors at trade shows.

Just write a point-form description of the product and exhibiting company, and it becomes a part of the show. The result? Organizers can pre-select products that will get the big curtain reveal and custom-written description.

YOUR GAME SHOW HOST -He is a true professional. Mike Cavers plays his hilarious game show host character “Dink Martindale” with a fantastic combination of off-the-cuff humour, quick one-liners and charming on-the-spot interviews of the contestants and audience. Mike is a seasoned veteran of high-level corporate events, having emceed and hosted for hundreds of high-level corporations and groups.


On STAGE ANNOUNCER AND DJ -Chuck Heffernan is a sought-after pro DJ and comedian, and the perfect game show sidekick to banter with Mr. Martindale and keep the show hopping with his off-the-cuff sound effects wizardry.

VANNA OFF-WHITE -Played by a talented improv comedian and seasoned corporate entertainer, she’s more than just a pretty face. Vanna makes the featured prizes look amazing -and still manages to throw sizzling one-liners. As the show progresses, the audience will find out more about her stormy affair with Chuck the announcer!

BOOK NOW! -Let’s Make a Deal takes a highly entertaining stage show and transforms it into a unique in the memories of attendees. SO, book the show and watch it make the splash you’re looking or!