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Made-to-order show: Flight School at YVR

YVR International Airport was looking for live entertainment every Friday at the airport that would create a festive atmosphere and give new visitors to our fair city one last blast of the good vibes that Vancouver is all about.  What can we share with departing guests that will make them truly feel that they are leaving a city of new friends? That they spent time in a place that is known for fun, kindness and quirky humour.  Of spontaneous outings, exciting adventure and big laughs with new friends who will be part of their lives forever.  We had to add to that the excitement of air travel, the wonderful diversion of creativity, a spicy bit of friendly competition, and -above all -big laughs that will stay with them long after they say their final farewells and board their flights back home.

So here they are: Squadron Leader Binks and Wing Commander Biggles of the Royal Canadian Paper Air Force  -a group dedicated to recruiting only the most talented paper airplane designers and flyers to help fly their unique brand of silliness to the four corners of the world. YVR airport guests will have the tension of travel lifted by the these two interactive comedy pilots and their paper airplane flight school.  The show will culminate in the very best (basically everyone who joined up) pitting their unique paper aircraft against their colleagues flying competition in the international departures area.

We believe that simple works best. Give guests something they know, and then build it into something next level; interactive, ice-breaking and full of good humour. The result is a group of happy participants & spectators -and an excellent final fair well from the city of Vancouver!

We’re really looking forward to this one  🙂