2021 Mission: Boost Morale for Work Teams

The reality we’re all facing is that the vaccine is going to take time to roll out and time for some people to be convinced to take it.  Meanwhile this daily program continues:

  • Work alone from home.
  • Work in a nearly deserted office building, avoiding shared spaces,wearing a mask to go the the damn bathroom.
  • Miss workmates, friends and family.I’m not at all saying these online games are a solution to all of this mental hardship. But what can say with confidence is that each game I’ve done has been a morale boost for my online guests.

After doing so many of them in such a short time, it’s pretty clear to me what makes a great online event. It’s certainly not about playing a game. I don’t think that’s really the product. It’s about creating and building a social atmosphere across the ethernet cable that feels like we’re all in the same room. Breaking the ice quickly and effectively and giving the guests an hour together where they can really be themselves and share some laughs and sense of play with their colleagues.  It doesn’t come down to elaborate meeting platforms and complex tasks.  The key is creating that social moment that makes it possible for guests to leave the event with their brain telling them they’ve just spent a pleasant time with friends.

I know it’s not a solution to the isolation, but I also know it helps. Guests feel relieved and reassured that their friends, colleagues and leaders are all still there and still…like them and miss them too. It’s pretty basic, but true and important. That relief and reassurance feeds back into work morale, focus and even their mood around their home that day.

So, for me, knowing my games can help, gives me a sense of purpose for 2021. I want to keep going, and get my game times in front of as many company teams as I can because I know I can boost morale while we continue though this bizarre time.  That gives me the reassurance and relief I need to keep it together too.

Here’s to staying positive and testing negative,