Music Makes Magic in your Home

Something I keep in mind as we develop new shows – or new angles on an existing show – is that this online entertainment (especially scheduled in the evenings) is going direct to the homes of work teams, association members, leadership teams. So I know my job is to connect with whole families, and make sure they feel connected to their workmates- while at the same time creating events that a family at home can enjoy together. That’s creating connection on 2 levels.

I’ve recently started building shows centred completely on music, with a wide variety of music-focused fun that really get the home hopping. The key is realizing the competitive aspect of these events are simply the vehicle I’m using to take my guests with me on a great ride that takes them out of the pandemic funk – and gets them singing along together and dancing in their living rooms.

After over 150 online events since October 2020, I’m getting pretty good at making that happen.  It’s very satisfying delivering that joy to homes across North America.

More new material on the way!