Online Program Options


It’s a powerful but challenging new medium for successful events. As we all continue to adapt to online group interaction becoming a component (if not all) of our professional and even life events, the challenge to organizers is how to make events meaningful and memorable through computer monitors. We’ve all sat through hundreds of Zoom meetings since the pandemic hit, and we’ve all, ironically, experienced the sense of distance and isolation that bad online meetings can create:  blank faces, attendees suddenly getting up and walking way for 5 minutes, 5 people talking at the same time.

Our online games add that focus and energy that brings online guests together. What this event component brings back into meetings is the playfulness, engagement and fun that got sucked out when we all went online. We are very proud of of ability to reconnect workmates and professional teams that really need a shot of morale.

We can create any game, with any theme and deliver a memorable online event – but here are some of the popular ones:


We can challenge your group with pop trivia from any decade you want – or a mix of any decades you want. Your guests aren’t linking their cellphones up to a game playing app for some dry multiple choice questions.  Each question is carefully designed with a raft of sound effects, photos, animated graphics, audio and video clips to create an entertaining visual show that inevitably gets players singing and even dancing along. Hosted by Mike or one of many hilarious character game show host options.


We don’t just bring you the game – we bring you the whole pub through your Ethernet cable, complete with Scottish pub owner “Hamish MacDuff”. With teams being whisked off to breakout rooms to discuss each challenging (but entertaining) question, this offering maximizes meaningful interaction among your workmates, along with great comedy moments in the main pub room…and some clever customization that will delight your guests.


It’s a simple idea made great. Pictionary using the Zoom whiteboard.  Make sure your staff have snack and drinks ready to go, as they get to meet “Bob Ross” web cam to web cam. They’ll be grooving on his chill 70’s vibe and making pictures that are just hilariously awesome. The key to this solid social re-connector is the extra layer of comedy our host throws into the mix – breaking the ice and getting work friends connecting again.


When was the last time you went on a beach vacation?  Yeah, that’s a raw nerve, isn’t it?  Thank god we can all use are imaginations – and Captain Furling makes sure your entire work team is visualizing this wonderful fantasy at the same time. His yacht has been chartered to take you all to a tropical  paradise for a party on the beach. This 60-90 minute morale boost is packed with vacation themed trivia rounds, a cabana wear competition, the sights and sounds of the beach – and a raft of options to add on, including raffle draws, a salsa dance-off and a tropical drink pit-stop. This gorgeous bit of make-belief is guaranteed to help your crew make it through the month.


Reconnect 2020 was the first government approved hybrid event in the pandemic era in Vancouver.  Mike created the entertainment lineup, game show and hosted the online portion of the event and gave guests a great time.


Mike Cavers is trained professional actor who has been working in the world of corporate entertainment for 20 years as a writer, producer, and performer of original live entertainment with dozens of the World’s most recognizable corporations along with a long list of professional associations, charities and other organizations.

In March 2020, dove headfirst into online entertainment. By September he was building multimedia game shows that captured his special positive energy and humour, and had emceed the very first government approved hybrid event in Vancouver Canada. By November Mike was regularly creating and performing customized online game shows for clients from Toronto and New York to LA and Vancouver, and Texas and Miami to Edmonton and Winnipeg and had brought on a skilled Zoom tech assistant to support all events with over 30 guests. In the first three weeks of December, Mike handled 36 online events, performing his variety of game shows, creative online party timelines and emceeing as himself or one of his many comedy characters.

In the camera world, Mike co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in Fools for Hire, which went on to win awards at the LA Webfest, Hollyweb and Leo Awards. Mike is seen regularly in TV shows and commercials.

Clients & Events:

Sony Pictures Imagineworks – EA Games – Association of Broadcast Communicators – Groundswell Cloud Solutions – nabs West – RV Nunccio & Associates – Amazon – Maple Leaf -QBE Insurance Ontario- Coast Capital – First National Bank – Ability First Charity – Safe Software – Teck American – WSP Global -Teck Resources Ltd – GardaWorld (BC, Alberta & Quebec) Singleton Reynolds Law Firm – Hyper Hippo – KZEL Law Firm – Kazlaw Law Firm – Zeymworks Inc. – Doctors of BC – OneClass – Burnaby Division of Family Practice – Omnitrans (Ontario) – Dymanic Wealth (New York) Creative BC- Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver –  YPO Edge – CANCE Procon – Creative BC – Motion Picture Production Industry Association – TD Canada Trust – Paramount Pictures -AME BC – Sysco – CFOX 99.3FM – Ritchie Brothers  – Yum! Brands – Swiss Re – Huawei – Telus – Facebook – Astrazeneca – Hard Rock Casino Vancouver – Xpertise Meeting Management  – Cowell Auto Group – Telco – Green Shield – Betta Home Living – Pacific Group of Companies – Avigilon – Shnier Flooring – Scotia McLeod – Interface Digital Health Summit – Interferry – Canada Day at Canada Place – George P. Johnson Marketing Experience – BMW – Acuity Brands – CN Rail – SEKO Group – Society of Notary Publics of BC – BOMA – City of Vancouver –  FlyOver Canada – Rock 101 FM – Variety Club – Canadian Dental Association  – Cargill


  • Team morale
  • Engagement boost to online event
  • Key fact recap
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Sponsor recognition