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Oscar “Living Statue” Adds the Missing Magic

“You were phenomenal.  It was amazing how many people were shocked when they realized you were a human!  This experience for our team has been incredible from the moment we inquired to the fabulous performance on site.”

-Laura Warren – Event Planner – Rare Affairs Meeting & Event Planning Services

Hollywood& Oscar Night are two trending event themes right now, and we’ve been feeling the hunger from event management companies for more original elements to tip their event into the category of AMAZING.  So in the last few months we’ve added a completely authentic Darth Vader & his Storm Troopers, a film-accurate Deadpool (with all the same sass) and even transformed an event into a “film shoot” -where your guests become the stars of the movie.

Now, from the brilliant mind of Charles Heffernan and our partnership with Chameleon Entertainment, we’d like to offer a new Hollywood-themed component that will blow your guests away: Oscar, the Living Statue! Here’s some details:

Oscar Living Statue is about the most exciting original entertainment feature that event organizers can add to events with a Hollywood or Academy Award theme.

Guests will completely accept the ubiquitous Oscar statue destined to decorate the lounge or stage area, so they won’t give it a second thought.

When the Oscar Statue suddenly shifts his pose or interacts with a group of guests posing for selfies – THAT’S when they know they are at an exciting, original event.

This “living statue” creation creates a buzz of excitement, laughter and even shrieks of surprise when he spontaneously interacts with nearby guests after maintaining his completely still tradition “Oscar pose”.

Alternatively have Oscar on stage behind your keynote speaker as part of the décor -then your VIP turns and asks the statue for a “high 5”…and gets one! Audience explodes with shock, delight and big applause!


Oscar’s costuming is absolutely perfect -and the performer playing him is a highly-trained event performer with years of experience with movement-based entertainment.