Speakeasy at The Permenant

Great event at The Permenant -a vintage 100 year old bank converted into a fantastic venue for public and private events. For this event, it was converted into a Roaring 20’s speakeasy, complete with The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band (through Total Entertainment Network).

Everything went like clockwork; the guests arrived on vintage trollies to be met by us -Big Boss Flannagan and his main squeeze, Iwona DeMonnay. Guests get hurried through secret back door, so the cops don’t bust them, then get patted down for guns and hooch. After that: PARTY TIME!

Our roving characters drew guests into the world of the roaring 20’s speakeasy and created a great buzz that went with the slick live music coming form the mezzanine balcony.

The night culminated in a scripted scene we wrote specially for our client featuring a big bust with Elliot Ness, FBI. And who got to save the day? Our client’s VIP!