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The Canada Squad hits the convention centre

When 2,500 professionals from all over the world gather for a night of mixing,giving the event the magic it needs is so important. With this many people in Exhibition Hall B at Vancouver Convention Centre, a social ice breaker was absolutely essential. On top of that, our clients really wanted to highlight on Canada, their host country.

Canada Squad, assemble!
Canada Squad, assemble!

We were more than happy to deliver. The Character Guys has put special care into assembling a team of the very best roving character entertainers -then dressed them in meticulously prepared film-quality costumes to be our Canada Squad.  Our actors excel at stand-up comedy, improv “theatre sports”, character acting and just plain friendliness.

For this event, we worked closely with Total Entertainment Network’s Al Guraliuk to decided on our Lumberjack & Ski Patrol to represent the west, our Calgary Stampede-style cowboy & cowgirl (shaving her legs when the group shot was taken, darn it!), hilarious Atlantic Fishermen for the east and then our popular Mounties for all of Canada.

Our Ski Patrol girl quizzed guests on Whistler & Blackcomb mountain facts, wrapped willing guests in bandages for super fun photo ops and told guests all about her life on the slopes. Meanwhile our lumberjack regaled guests with stories of wildlife, the forests of BC and quizzed guests on how to survive an angry bear, mountain lion & squirrel.

Our king & queen of the stampede taught happy guests how to rope a steer, and later in the evening even got guests out on the dance floor for two-stepping and line dancing!

It became a fun challenge for the guests to try to understand the Atlantic Fishermen, who spoke with an outlandish accent somewhere between a broad Newfoundland accent and Brad Pitt in the movie Snatch!

Canada Squad's Fisherman
Canada Squad’s Fisherman

The Mounties strolled through every “region” of the hall, posing for great photo ops, performing hilarious fake arrests, and even dressing up guests in their instant tear-away Mountie outfits. Several times during the evening there were actual line-ups of guests wanting the specially posed “getting arrested” photo op. Lots of laughs, tons of cameras.

mountie and girls 72Mounties make an arrest

What we loved most about this event was how necessary we were for its success. On breaks, every actor working that night had a real energy and glow that always comes from getting a first rate response from the audience.  It was a blast. We HIGHLY recommend this Canadiana “A-Team” for international events!