Hybrid Event Emcee Launch

Our game shows for Zoom & YouTube meeting platforms are taking off and Reconnect 2020 was the first studio “test” – and we passed with flying colours.

Our custom-made game show was a hit at Reconnect 2020, the City of Vancouver’s very first approved hybrid event. Fifty living, breathing people on site, and plenty more on Zoom and YouTube live.

It was my pleasure to join the project as emcee and content creator for the virtual studio program. Besides hyping the Givergy auction items with the talented DJ Pri, interviewing special guests and enjoying a wine tasting with Laura Starr, I hosted 3 different segments of our game show. Live contestants as well as online guests got to compete for prizes. It was so satisfying to hit the ground running in this new medium…which is just like hosting a live TV show.  The possibilities and potential for this are massive.

A tip of my hat to Darren Dreger at BC Event Management for pulling this whole event together as mastermind and event engineer, and Showmax for knowing their jobs so well.

In times like this, we all collaborate to make it. So good to be part of a team like this:

BC Event Management

Showmax Event Services

Harbour Convention Centre

Vision Photography

Character Guys / Mike Cavers

Loungeworks Inc.

Peake of Catering

ePly Online Event Registration

Levy Show Service Inc.

BBW International Event Staff


Scene Ideas Inc.

DJ Pri

Big thanks to Mark Kinskofer & Vision Photography for the generous sharing of his photos. (any photo that looks good in the gallery below is from Vision)

Thanks a lot also to Peter Jensen Photography for the photo I used as the feature image.