Transforming Zoom into Christmas Magic

We all miss interaction and a sense of social occasion.  Everyone who won’t be coming to real onsite Christmas parties this year is going to feel that loss keenly on the day it was supposed to happen. Add the months of working at home and not getting to enjoy each other socially, and we can all see that December has the potential to be a real quicksand for declining morale and professional loneliness.

Instead of throwing your hands up, book Christmas Zoom fun.  The game show features Santa or Buddy the Elf as your game show host, pitting team against team (or even a free-for-all with everyone competing for themselves) for bottles of wine, gift cards or whatever you’d like the prizes to be. You can even have your Zoom Christmas host run even more of your party to make sure there are none of those awkward Zoom silences we’ve all experienced at online social events. We have 3 great options to suit your group’s needs.




 Online Game Shows:  a variety of games – multimedia, great graphics, pop trivia focus (most popular with guests).

  • Small groups (5-30): $400
  • Medium groups (30-100): $700
  • Large Groups     (120-300): $850

Online Event Emcee:  All the things event emcees do.  Grab focus, welcome guests, warm up audience, intro speakers, run mini interviews of VIP guests, ice-breakers, highlight sponsors, keep guests posted on the event schedule, run charity auction component etc.

  • Small groups (5-30): $400
  • Medium groups (30-100): $600
  • Large Groups  (100-300) – $800

Event Emcee & Game Show Package:  For event emcee and feature game show. Includes event schedule you can send to your guests and an event program Power Point deck as event visual support

  • Small Groups (5-29): $650
  • Medium groups (30-100): $1,000
  • Large Groups     (120-300): $1,200

Online Event Production in Pro Studio Package

For online events with a guest list of 400-2000 that demand enhanced production value, our AV partners ready to go. Final pricing will depend on event details, but start at $5000


  • Streaming broadcast from pro studio using your chosen media platform
  • Dedicated ultra-fast internet
  • Pro lighting, sound, and camera
  • Tech support from seasoned professionals.
  • Game show
  • Event emcee

 “Sponsor Spot” comedy commercials: pre-recorded 15-30 second “TV commercials” that give the focus to a sponsor.  They are creative and funny.  Great way to keep online guest engaged while giving a sponsor the spotlight.

  • 1 x 15-30 second Sponsor Spot: $350