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Trivia Game Show Challenge

Live game shows! We’ve always loved doing live game shows when they come up. there’s just so much you can do with the  questions and format to make to make it a blast for guests -from Minute To Win It – style physical challenges that are even funnier if you have ZERO skill, to Name That Tune -music really brings people out of themselves – to fun trivia about….basically whatever the organizers want it to be about.

Last month was a bit of a turning point for us though. We saddled up with Myles Liversage at the Vancouver Webfest and collaborated to create the ultimate trivia-based game show COMPLETE with Myles’ slick production value on screen and through the speakers. And so What the Hell Do YOU Know? was born. Its debut was a huge favorite at the festival, and now we just want an excuse to run it again….with all new video, music and trivia questions made to order. Seriously Mike just wants an excuse to play Dink Mardindale and put that cheesy wig on again…here’s the break down:

What the Hell Do You Know?  is a fast-paced trivia-based game show stuffed with great comic moments, friendly competition, first-rate entertainment, custom-made categories and questions that will keep your guests engaged and cheering for more. Check out the video:

The Format

Your host will split the room into two teams -and 3 contestants from each team will “come on down” to represent for each round of 3 questions.  The winners of the round will score a Round Point for their team. Then they exit the stage to be replaced by 3 more contestant from their team (their side of the room). Because the 3 contestants rotate every round, we can maximize the number of guests who get to participate on stage. To further engage the audience, any “team member” can run up and whisper the correct answer to a contestant -so even with very large groups, everyone feels like they are part of the game, whether they are on stage or not.

This game show comes with a dedicated sound engineer and state-of-the-art screen visuals to challenge contestants with your choice of categories presented as hilarious multiple choice questions, music clips and even video samples. Once you book the show, our writer will organize a meeting or conference call and consult with your organizers to come up with tailor-made questions that will reinforce key conference information -or cause an uproar with company in-jokes. All content can be quickly and easily modified to fit the specific needs of your event -we can even change the name of the game show.

Your Host

Your game show host is Mike Cavers, a talent and seasoned professional live game show host, emcee and character actor with a long list of high-profile clients and testimonials. He is guaranteed to run the game smoothly, and get a lot of laughs from audience and contestants with his quick humour, warmth and witty banter with contestants


Value Added!

What the Hell Do You Know? works great as evening entertainment after a banquet dinner or as a fun mini show to break up a long awards night. However, on top of that, this game show is an ideal tool to engage conference goers by reinforcing crucial conference messages while keeping the energy up. Guests will leave with substantially more factual information than they came in with!