Lookalikes: Donald and Melania
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Trump gets laughs on CN Rail VIP boat cruise

Our very own Donald Trump made a splash on a recent CN VIP cruise night. No, not when they heaved him over the rail -he and his lovely wife Melania made their rounds entertaining groups of delighted guests. Mr. Trump was thinking about buying CN, so talking to some insiders was a cunning plan.

For some reason, though, his fellow cruise ship guests got big laughs from Donald’s outrageous campaign promises. Add to that hilarious photo ops and a “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” roving game show, and the ice was broken pretty fast.

Mr. Trump decided to come back after dinner and re-enact the finale of his hit TV show The Apprentice -with carefully chosen cruise guests as the “contestants”. It was such a great night that we really should consider building a wall around Vancouver, or Donald Trump will be up here all the time!