Virtual Wedding Entertainment

Weddings, baby showers, bar mitzvahs… we’re seeing at least a component of these events being held on meeting platforms. The challenge is obvious for event planners though.  With these special life events, how can you add the warmth and connection these events need to succeed? A couple of weeks ago, I joined an online events for a friend’s birthday, and after about half an hour of connecting with old friends through my computer monitor, I start feeling more isolated than ever. I could tell that lots of other guests felt the same – all you have to do is look at the TV-watching expressions on their faces. That’s when I realized my next move would be creating special games shows for “life events”.

Until that moment, I’d been completely focused on supplying game shows for online corporate meetings, and it’s picking up for sure. But in a way, creating this option to add to all the virtual baby showers, wedding receptions and anniversaries seems even more important to me. So, I’m pleased to be able to offer an excellent option to make “life events” on meeting platforms more meaningful and engaging.  Our customized game shows are more than just trivia competitions. We meticulously design them with the music, photos and even video clips that are special for the hosts and guests. We bring virtual family members into the questions and add extra activities that make the attendees feel like they are all in the same room.

Last week I built an entirely customised original game show for Simone & Corey, a lovely couple in Chicago who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. Simone and I met on Zoom and figured out exactly what she and Corey wanted to see and convey to their friends and family – then I got to work.  The final product incorporated the music of their special moments, clips from movies that meant a lot to them, photos of friends, family and childhood memories. All of this woven together in an exciting trivia game show format.  Simone thought it would be hilarious for “Ron Burgundy” from Anchorman to be their game show host, so I got my costume ready.

Last Friday night at 8:00 they greeted their virtual guests on Zoom. After some toasts and laughs, Simone told everyone there was going to be a special surprise at 9:00 PM.  Promptly at 9:00, (7PM PST for me) Ron Burgundy entered the Zoom event to laughs of surprise from 5 different cities across North America. Simone quickly made me co-host and off we went. After warming up the audience, getting some laughs and putting the guests in to teams, I started The Simone and Corey Game Show.  It was 45 minutes of fast-paced fun, with lots of their friends and family to their delight being featured in questions with photo and video clips.  For this game show, they requested Men vs Women – which meant lots of guests got to be on different teams in the same home, adding another layer of connection with their teams. It’s went perfectly.  Simone said later that it was their first occasion since the pandemic that felt like a real party. Like their friends and family had really been in their home.

I highly recommend that wedding planners and anyone that wants to enhance the online social experience give me a call or email.  We can figure out the perfect online game show for your life event, then we’ll make it a reality.

“Wow! What a great experience having a The Character Guys do a  Zoom Game Show for our 10th Anniversary! Lots of laughs and a really great time! Thank you so much for helping make our celebration special.”

Simone & Corey Richardson – Chicago, Ill.